Stretch Your Boundaries and Break the Routine

How often are you being stretched in your thinking? Are you surrounding yourself with people that inspire you and cheer you on to do your best work?

The biggest challenge we face today is in making the choice to do remarkable work. It’s easy to fill a day with busywork. Far more challenging to step up and do the things that scare us. The things that will make a difference. To take a risk on something that may or may not work.

For the most part, I’ve got a pretty clear sense of what I need to be doing to accomplish the bigger goals I’m chasing. But in the day to day grind, I find it incredibly hard to keep stepping up and going after it day after day. I’m hoping that some day it becomes more of an automated habit and less of a daily battle. In the meantime, I’m still chipping away at this and any help I can find along the way is appreciated.

One of the ways I’ve found help has been in connecting with like minded people who are also pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. Sharing ideas and support can make a big difference in how well we push through the hard work in front of us. I’ve had the privilege of making friends at some events over the past few years that have continued to help push me along. One of the most memorable was Seth Godin’s 2010 Road Trip stop in Minneapolis. I learned a lot from him but also from the people I met while helping organize the event. The event pushed the boundaries of my thinking and the people inspired me to action in the application of that thinking.

I’m in the process of traveling to New York to participate Godin’s “Embracing the Possibility” event this week. I’m not entirely sure what to expect … but I know I’ll be stretched in my thinking and pushed towards action. Both are invaluable and well worth the cost and effort of getting there.

How are you being challenged (and pushed) today?