Get Unsettled to Find New Possibilities

I don’t know how else to make a movie except to try and find some aspect of the experience that I haven’t done before. Because if I’ve done it before, I’m fearless. And I don’t work well when I’m fearless. I’m not as good a filmmaker if I know exactly what I’m doing every step of the way. But when I don’t have all of my comforts with me, then I get really really insecure, and that insecurity opens me up to possibilities.

I need to get to set in the morning feeling a little upset to my stomach. If I feel a little bit unsettled, I feel more able to take risks to rescue myself.

Steven Spielberg Oprah’s Next Chapter (In Making the Movie, Lincoln)

I don't know about intentionally pushing for an upset stomach every morning, but unsettled enough to be out of the comfort zone definitely hits the mark. By definition it's not comfortable, but it opens the door to push the boundaries and find the new possibilities we're looking for.

It's a good reminder to get out there and push past the comfort zone today.

(via Michael Hyatt)